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Re-run of Previous TLM Kits

Posted: Thu Apr 25, 2019 2:22 pm
by tony brenchley
At the AGM we discussed the feasibility of re-running one or more of the earlier TLM kits. This is now made possible as the CRA Committee has agreed to meet the cost of holding some stocks of un-sold wagon kits.

There are significant fixed costs to meet so I need sufficient committed orders to ensure we can get these made at a reasonable cost to you. It would be impossible to produce these at the original prices as the quantity of sales would be less and costs have increased, II think it is reasonable to expect a price of at least £18 to £20 per kit plus p&p to make it viable for you and the Association.

We produced the following:

D10 cattle wagon
RY Pickering PO wagon
D22 mineral wagon, dumb buffer
D46 mineral
D3 van
D59 16 ton mineral

Of these there are a few D3 vans left in the CRA exhibition stock and the CCT would be difficult to repeat as we would need additional etched underframes.

Would you please let me have your order by email at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx by latest by 31st May. I will treat these as committed orders in the event that we have sufficient to proceed with any wagon or wagons. When I have the orders I can give a better indication of the likely price.

Tony B

Re: Re-run of Previous TLM Kits

Posted: Thu Jun 06, 2019 12:11 pm
by tony brenchley
I am not sure if I frightened off potential purchasers of TLM re-runs with my possible price forecast but I have had very few confirmations of orders that met my deadline.

I cannot confirm any prices until I have a quotation from the manufacturer. The price I quoted of £18- £20 per wagon is a worst case scenario for a small order. A more likely price would be between £10.50 and £14 per wagon including white metal castings for a reasonable quantity, say 30+ items.

The price within that range is entirely dependent on the quantity we produce and this is based on the pre-orders I receive as a large part of the cost is fixed. We still aim to sell to CRA members at cost but I can only estimate costs and prices on the basis of orders I have. Unfortunately I am not clairvoyant and can't predict future sales of items in stock.

I hope this will encourage a few more orders.

Tony B