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TLM Stocks

Posted: Tue Sep 22, 2020 10:29 am
by tony brenchley
True Line Models

For those new to the CRA Forum True Line Models kits are produced by members of the Association primarily for other members and this is extended to members of the NBRSG. For this reason we sell them at near cost price for members after applying the discount.

I should have mentioned in my earlier post that I have limited stocks of kits for the CR diagram 10 cattle wagon and R Y Pickering traders wagon. Both are complete with the usual cast white metal and etched underframe components. Instruction leaflets for both models are included in earlier posts on the CRA Forum announcing their launch.

These are both £15 per kit with a 10% discount for CRA and NBRSG members making it just £13.50 per kit. The diagram 46 mineral wagon is £13 per kit or £11.70 with members discount.

Postage and packing for all orders of any reasonable quantity of these kits is £4.15 by second class signed for delivery. Don't expect fancy packaging - I use mainly recycled packaging to keep costs down.

Please email with your orders or enquiries to xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Tony B

Re: TLM Stocks

Posted: Tue Sep 22, 2020 12:11 pm
by dumb buffer

£15 less 10% is £13.50!

Allan F

Tony B Email

Posted: Wed Sep 23, 2020 1:29 pm
by tony brenchley
My email link is xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and not as in the recent post post. Thanks to Mike Williams for spotting this.

Tony B

Price of TLM Cattle wagons and RYP wagons

Posted: Wed Sep 23, 2020 1:33 pm
by tony brenchley
I was obviously not having a good yesterday! Thanks to Allan Fergusson for spotting that these should be £13.50 each.

Tony B