Visiting Thurso St Archives

The day to day working of the Caledonian Railway Company, including its constituents and successors.
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Jim Summers
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Visiting Thurso St Archives

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Some changes have been made in the booking procedure for Thurso St. to consult our archives.

The reading room is only open to the public like us on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 0930 until 1630.

Book using the following online system: ... llections/

In the section on Thurso St, click on the bit in the description for visitors from outwith the University and a calendar and booking form will come up

Any difficulties, try:

David Blevins
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Re: Visiting Thurso St Archives

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Booked a visit to Thurso Street to see the CRA Archive to-day using the on-line system and everything went very smoothly with confirmation e-mail received, promptly.
Much preferred the previous "Human touch system" - speaking to a person on the phone - Oh when life was simpler and not so complicated.
Ring an Organisation to-day and you hear endless Music and recorded voices telling you to press endless numbers.
At least I didn't experience that.

Dinosaur Blevins.
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