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ModelRail Glasgow this past weekend

Posted: Mon Feb 27, 2023 8:52 am
by Jim Summers
Thank you to all who helped with the stand at the show this past weekend, particularly Ross who has worked so hard on our presentation of our books, of our True Line kits, and other material.

And thank you to those of you who came to chat (and buy things).
Meeting people is so much part of that weekend, but it is also good to report that it was a good weekend for the stand in financial term. Niall's new Dundee & Arbroath book sold very well indeed, so much so that on Friday night Jim Pairman had to make a mercy mission from Scone with fresh supplies in time for Saturday morning.

The kits including the new etched brake vans also sold well.


Re: ModelRail Glasgow this past weekend

Posted: Mon Feb 27, 2023 9:19 pm
by Loch Awe
Excellent news Jim. Have now got mine via post. A very fine volume and benefits enormously from the larger format allowed by Lightmoor, with regard to the many fine photos Niall has acquired.

Best wishes,


Re: ModelRail Glasgow this past weekend (2024)

Posted: Mon Feb 26, 2024 8:10 am
by Jim Summers
Once again, many thanks to all who helped with our stand over the weekend. All of us involved will know just how much work Ross puts into organising the presentation and the documentation for these events not to mention the transport of it all.

He also worked hard to have a number of his ancient but delightful horsebox kist available for sale, and he sold nearly all.
Other sales were good, and we acquired 10 new members, which is more than any of the other societies achieved, though they too were were generally pleased with the weekend.

As ever, the great pleasure of this sort of occasion is the opportunity to meet members and interested members of the public. We always learn something and can sometimes enlighten folk. My favourite this weekend was the lady whose grandfather had been a Caledonian brakesman/guard but didn't know what that meant. Fortunately we could show her the chapter in the Operating book, and she read and chuckled at the the poem of the guard and the snuff. To cheer your Monday morning, here it is below.

Thank you all once more.


The guard stood still at Craigenhill
The vacuum all had fled;
He took another pinch of snuff
To try and clear his head.
He sneezed at least five hundred times
To couple up the brain
Till at long last it dawned on him —
Protect the bloody train!

So back he walked a quarter mile
And said:_”That's far enough!”
He placed a cracker on the line
Then took another snuff.
Then up the road another bit
The faithful Goods Guard goes,
Another cracker planted down
And more snuff up his nose.

By this time he had snuffed as much
As would fill the Scottish Cup:
Then at the old three-quarter mark
He got a bit mixed up.
For on the line ten yards apart
Three snuffs he placed and rose
Then took three detonators out
And stuffed them up his nose!

Three loud explosions rent the air
But Snuffy gave a smile —
“I’ll buy nae mair auld Glesca snuff,
I’ll get it in Carlisle,
For that’s the best I've ever snuffed
And that's a fact indeed —
I haven't only cleared the line
I've cleared my bloody heid!'

From “Polmadie Poems” by J. Barret, Guard, Polmadie

Re: ModelRail Glasgow this past weekend

Posted: Tue Feb 27, 2024 3:25 am
by lms14509
This may be a redundant question, but are the poems to be published? That was a fine example !

Re: ModelRail Glasgow this past weekend

Posted: Wed Feb 28, 2024 8:46 pm
by Jim Summers
I do have a few, Jim, which I got from the late Harry Knox. Copyright is obscure, but after the AGM I will see just how many is in the collection.


Re: ModelRail Glasgow this past weekend

Posted: Thu Mar 07, 2024 8:16 pm
by Dave John
It was good to pop by and have a chat.

The horsebox is in progress.