Vacuum fitted goods trains.

The day to day working of the Caledonian Railway Company, including its constituents and successors.
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Vacuum fitted goods trains.

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There are numerous references to ‘vacuum fitted goods trains’ running on the Caledonian but what exactly were these? Where did they run? What were they carrying? Which company’s wagons were used? Would they have used goods or passenger brake vans?

From a modeling point of view I’m trying to understand the sort of traffic which would be coming up the main line from Carlisle. Descriptions of these trains and where they originated from tend to quite vague. What I’m really looking for is specific details or information on where I could find them.

For example, would there have been block trains of LNWR or MR banana vans from Liverpool? Imported Danish butter from the L&Y? Imported fish or meat from the south coast ports?

The only description I have so far come across is of the train involved in the Kirtlebridge accident (report reproduced in The True Line). This train consisted mainly of LNWR and WCJS vans with couple of Caledonian vans in the mix.

The Caledonian had a long standing traffic of frozen fish from Aberdeen to Southampton, were there other long distance flows in the opposite direction?

Any information would be appreciated.

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Re: Vacuum fitted goods trains.

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I suspect that all railway companies issued voluminous instructions on train marshalling. You can get a feel for the regs in the LMS period from this article ... hicles.php and for course much information is contained in Jim Summers' most illuminating volumes 'Operating the Caledonian Railway' as publised by Lightmoor Press in conjunction with the Association.

Jim :D
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