The day to day working of the Caledonian Railway Company, including its constituents and successors.
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dumb buffer
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The recent picture on theheading of unidentified stations shows three gentlemen in assorted headgear somewhere.
one is in full dress uniform, one is in bowler, and the third appears to be in some sort of hamburg. I knew somewhere that a topper was in there. "....For the nonstopper a topper is proper...... " but I can't remember the rest

Does anyone in our membershipknow the full story of headgear, I know that in a workshop environment the bowler was a badge of rank, and also functioned as a safety helmet, but does anyone have the whole story?

Allan F
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Re: Uniform

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Hello Allan,

Your line about the "proper topper" comes from British Railways' film of the Elizabethan, featuring 60017.
Graham Tipple
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Re: Uniform

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That film and others like it seemed to always be in blank verse. You've got to admire the writers! Graham
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