Winter programme 2023-24

The day to day working of the Caledonian Railway Company, including its constituents and successors.
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Jim Summers
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Winter programme 2023-24

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Here is our programme of meetings for the coming winter.

We will be meeting once again in the Renfield Street Centre in Bath Street, Glasgow. Do try to get to Glasgow in person, as the social side is an important part of our activities; but If you can't get to Glasgow, then you can still participate thanks to our webinar facility. You will be reminded before each meeting how that works.

I look forward to seeing everyone again, whether in person or on the screen.

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Winter 2023 - 24

07.10.23 Caledonian Accidents Jim Summers

04.11.23 Colinton Tunnel and its mural Chris Rutherford/Mike Scott

02.12.23 Traders Wagons Mike Williams

03.02.24 Classics from TTL Alistair Maclean

02.03.24 AGM

Spring 2024 Outing – Peebles Line etc
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