Connor Class 488 - Front Plate Query

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Connor Class 488 - Front Plate Query

Post by lindsay_g »

I'm back again with another question regarding the class 488 engines (after a good few years absence on this topic)! I've resurrected build of a model of loco 1167 but have come against another problem. I cannot find any images which show the front of this loco other than this image :

1167.jpg (68.06 KiB) Viewed 1359 times
I'm trying to figure out the configuration on the front plate between the chassis sides, and here's a close up :

1167 plate.jpg
1167 plate.jpg (51.39 KiB) Viewed 1359 times
I have an etch for this part, but it is obviously incorrect. It has 2 removable panels being placed symmetrically. However, the close up image only has one such panel which appears to be offset to the right side of the engine (left in the image!). I've scoured images of this class of loco but the above image is the only ones showing much of the front. Might anyone have any such images not in the public domain, or perhaps plans or drawings (not John Boyle's which was the source of the etched part)? Or perhaps someone might have an image of other Connor locos which had a similar outside valve arrangement and so possibly a similar front plate.

I have a feeling that I'm up against it with this one, but one never knows!


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Re: Connor Class 488 - Front Plate Query

Post by JimG »

Are you sure that there is no second plate on that photograph? The plate in view is relatively narrow and fairly close to the far frame member. Another plate could just be hidden behind the nearer frame member. I'm thinking about how I could reproduce the situation in CAD to see if that is possible.

Jim G.
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Re: Connor Class 488 - Front Plate Query

Post by Alan K »

I agree with Jim - surely these are the end caps for the Stephenson rods.

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