Dalry Road Class 439s

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Dalry Road Class 439s

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I'm trying to find any information on Class 439 engines allocated to Dalry Road pre-1923. Caledonian Railway Locomotives - The Classic Years and Dalry Road Motive Power Depot, Edinburgh suggest "one or two" and "approximately 3" of the class were to be found in Edinburgh but I have not been able to find out which engines or which services they would have worked.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: Dalry Road Class 439s

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Hi Ross,

I'd also be interested in knowing this info - but whether I'd now do anything with the info is debateable as I ordered a number plate for my model based on a best guesstimate but can't remember now what that was based on.

What I do remember was that I couldn't find any real info on the 439's allocated to Dalry Road in CR days. In 40 Years of Caledonian Locos, Mr Cornwell records that 1 or 2 were allocated from batches produced in the period 1906-09 and by 1914 there were 3 allocated there. In the table of known allocations c1921, the only 0-4-4T's allocated to Dalry were all class 104's. The Filemaker site shows no 439's at Dalry Road (based on a search of the these few words) in CR days - but even if there were some found, would the engines pictured have been based there or visitors? They were certainly camera shy and avoided any other publicity!

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Re: Dalry Road Class 439s

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Just received the latest edition of the True Line and saw this query highlighted, sorry missed it here before.

Being an Edinburgh boy I am a major Dalry Road fan! It would make a fabulous model.

Working from secondary sources, H.Knox and Mr.Cornwell's 40 years, may I suggest No.384 as a very strong cadidate?

Harry Knox has the locomotive allocated in his first list after grouping and spotted at the shed in his listing for 1923, p.94 further to this Mr. Cornwell lists 384 in his 1922 allocations but under 0-6-0T heading. The locomotive is from the Y78 batch of 04/1906, as listed on p.130 of 40 years.

Apologies that this is all guess work based on secondary sources but I hope it helps.

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