Mystery Caledonian carriage

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Mystery Caledonian carriage

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This is from the LNWR Society's archives and the caption says Improved Precedent No.1518 COUNTESS Piloting Whale Experiment No.565 CITY OF CARLISLE on a Scotch Express north of Penrith. Its the first carriage for which we need help, please.

I think its a WCJS P29, four of which went to the Caledonian after a very short life in the WCJS because it was decided that all WCJS carriages should have lavatories and new 45ft carriages were built to replace them. The lookout seems to have some lettering half way up the upper panels, and to the right, which was a Caledonian style, so I think this is one of those which went to the Caledonian rather than the remainder which went to the LNWR.

Two queries please:
1. When did the Caledonian discontinue the lower footboards?
2. Where these carriages used for through workings and what train might this be, at Penrith? I query this because its a full Third and I thought through carriages were more usualy Composites?

Thank you.

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Re: Mystery Caledonian carriage


As you say, Mike, it looks like a WCJS P29 (Diagram 34A in Caleyspeak). And yes, as far as I know, through carriages were always Composites. Is it an empty coaching stock train? The carriages are a terribly mixed lot, even by LNWR standards!


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