Any aspect related to the structures and equipment on the Caledonian Railway Company.
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Hi guys

Are there any drawings available for mileposts that show the full set of cast numbers please, also the size of the larger plates which showed the start point eg Carlisle? Failing that does anyone have one in their collections they could measure or photograph alongside a rule?

I am trying to get examples of the ‘font’ to produce drawings which might be able to be used for etching in the future. The quarter posts give 1/2/3/4 and photos in Jim’s Operating vol 2 and found online give 5 and 6 but need examples of 7/8/9/0

I am aware of the Railway Modeller May 70 drawings.


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Re: Mileposts

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Hi Mike,

I wrote a comprehensive article on this subject for The True Line, which should have all the details you want. I have examples of all the C.R. mile plate patterns if you need extra information. I can't at this point remember which issue it's in but someone will know. Regarding those from the Zero Point at Carlisle, Citadel, the L.M.S. 'remiled' all the posts from 1 to over 100 so you now never find a "Carlisle" example with either one or two digits on it.

Mike Dunn.
David Blevins
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Re: Mileposts

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Here are 3 photos of Caledonian Railway Mile Posts.

7 and 9 are from the Airdrie line in North Lanarkshire

104 is from Partick, Glasgow - rescued from a Tunnel between Partick Central and Partick West Stations on the Lanarkshire & Dunbartonshire Railway. It would be Interesting to know how they measured the Line as 104 is from Carlisle, did it continue right through to Dumbarton. Another note it was on a wooden post when I came across it in the 1970's, and as the line was being lifted I found it lying on the Ballast, a part of Scottish Railway History Saved.

David Blevins.
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