Milton Jn signal box.

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Jim Summers
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Milton Jn signal box.

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According to the records, Milton Jn. box did not shut until 1971
Can explain explain why it was retained after the line to St. Rollox/Port Dundas was closed and also the section from there to Germiston Junction in November 1966, please?

John Paton
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Re: Milton Jn signal box.

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Jim, until 1971 would it not have been a block post on the line used by the Springburn - Cumbernauld shuttles? When closed, I guess that the block section would have been extended from Sighthill East to Cardowan or Gartcosh (or somewhere like that). Could it have been the access to Glasgow Works?
Photo attached.

Milton Junction SWRankin - compressed.jpg
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