Mid Lanark Lines in the 1960s

Any aspect related to the structures and equipment on the Caledonian Railway Company.
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Re: Mid Lanark Lines in the 1960s

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Hi DForsyth, thanks for the video link (here) which I enjoyed. Your explanation of the photos is quite a tour de force. Thanks again!

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Re: Mid Lanark Lines in the 1960s

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Referring back to the original three photos at the start of this thread I recently received an e-mail from Ian Forsyth providing more information, repeated below with out thanks to Ian.

Image 3 - Glasgow Corporation Buses viewed under the Bridge. A74 @ Birkenshaw Larkhall, Buses were in Dunsmore 'The Bus Breaker' original yard next to Glynwed Foundry as you entered Larkhall, Jack Dunsmore (the son) at the request of the Council moved from the original Scrap Yard as you entered Larkhall to the Industrial Estate in Larkhall in the late 1980's or very early 1990's, with the business continuing to operate after his death by his wife and sons. The Foundry Closed in the 1970's the building is still there and I believe it is now a Tractor / Agricultural Dealer who Operates out of it. I immediately recognised the picture as I traveled on a daily basis from 1973 to 1981, I also frequented Jack Dunsmore to sort out his hydraulic problems with his recovery vehicles.

I can remember traffic going over the bridge, I used to go to Larkhall Brickwork's (one of the entrances was to the right of the Esso Extra Advertisement on the Bridge Parapet) with my Grandfather before I started school in 1962. I believe they were mineral traffic which then crossed the Level Crossing on the A71 to the West of Canderside Toll, then the Open Crossing on the minor road from the A74 to the A71 within Stonehouse, before Crossing the Level Crossing on the A74 South Of Canderside Toll, Heading For Blackwood.
Ian also provided a link to this obituary for Jack Dunsmore - http://www.centralsmt.co.uk/Features/Focus_10.html
Jack Dunsmore

News of the death of Jack Dunsmore, announced a few weeks ago, has been met with sadness by many involved in the bus preservation movement. Jack had established himself as the major bus dismantler in Scotland since starting his business in Larkhall in 1986. He was also a specialist in commercial vehicle recovery and his yellow wrecker trucks are a familiar sight throughout Scotland. The yard in Strutherhill Industrial Estate has been a Mecca for enthusiasts over the years and Jack was always on hand to provide a warm welcome. He was always hands-on and drove the trucks at all the unearthly hours when the phone rang with cries for help.

Jack was renowned for his humour and always conducted his business in a fair-minded manner. I remember meeting him for the first time in 1999, after I had acquired my own bus, Western SMT Leopard SCS333M. After spending hours in the yard gathering up spare Leopard bits and the odd souvenir number plate, I climbed the staircase into the office to meet the Great Man, wondering how much he would charge me. He knew every nut and bolt on the Leopard and after we had exchanged pleasantries, I rhymed off all the bits I had taken. "How much ye geein me fur them?" was his method of putting the fear of death into you. Frightened in case I hurt his feelings, I made a reasonable offer. Jack accepted the offer and for the next 5 years he provided me with tyres, lamps, a set of seats and other items to help restore my bus.

In recent times, with his health failing, Jack worked on with great determination and dignity. Jack's son Donnie will look after the business. We wish Jack's wife Myra and the other sons good luck in the future. It was a privilege to have known Jack. He will be sadly missed.

Gordon Stirling, 28 January 2005
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