Building Drawings - Gleneagles, Stirling, Perth

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Building Drawings - Gleneagles, Stirling, Perth

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I'm deep in the planning stage of an N gauge layout which won't see the light of day for another ten years or so (retirement project). The background is that I've long eyed basing my magnum opus on Perth General, but there is a lot that would make construction and operation too complex to ultimately satisfy me in that regard, even when only modelling the (southern) half of the station only, with or without the approach between Edinburgh Road and St Leonard Street bridges . Over the years I've been collecting and assembling stock for the Perth project and I'm now in the position that I have sufficient stock and motive power to run the majority of the Autumn/Winter timetable for 1964, so I'm not prepared to abandon the idea entirely.

This being the case, I've been re-reading Peter Marshall's Scottish Central Railway book and in particular the chapter about the battle for the South Inch. There is a mention of a proposal to build a station at Friarton, rather than on the actual site nearer the centre of Perth (everything's relative). This what-if concept tickles me and so I've been planning a station using a simplified Stirling station track plan (possibly flipped or reflected) but I'd like to incorporate some other architectural elements into the model as well.

To this end can anyone point me in the direction of drawings of the footbridge and towers, and platform buildings at Gleneagles, and the passenger building on platform 9 &10 at Stirling?

I have the True line CD archive, but searching Gleneagles or Stirling brings up a "too many hits" type response, and I'm not sure how to refine the search for what I want.

I'd also be interested if anyone has knowledge of drawings of the Perth Powerbox, as originally built...

For completeness I'll confide that I'm also planning to incorporate the Blue Circle cement terminal as built at Aberdeen Craiginches into the layout.

Thanks for reading.


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Re: Building Drawings - Gleneagles, Stirling, Perth

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I have some of the drawings to which you refer. If you send me a PM with your email address I'll send scans to you.

John Paton
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