G&SWR Austrian Goods

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Jim Summers
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G&SWR Austrian Goods

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Our sister organisation for the Sou'West has asked me publicise an intended kit for the 2-6-0 class known as the Austrian Goods. Details are below.


"The Glasgow and South Western Railway Association in conjunction with Taff Vale Models is working to introduce a 7mm brass kit of the G&SWR class 403 2-6-0 – otherwise known as the Austrian Goods.
This locomotive, designed for freight traffic, was designed by Peter Drummond in 1915. A factory rumour that it was constructed using metal destined for Austria was dispelled by David L Smith (the recognised premier author of the G&SWR) many years ago, but the nickname of Austrian Goods stuck, adding a peck of glamour. It was a superheated version of the 279 class of 0-6-0 locomotive, with a pony wheel at the front to carry the additional weight of the superheater.
It is believed that the design inspired James the Red Engine in the stories of the Rev W Audrey. In reality none of the original locos were any colour other than G&SWR Drummond green, or LMS black.
This class of loco was chosen for several reasons. The originals were not just confined to the Glasgow- Dumfries- Stranraer triangle in which the G&SWR operated but in LMS days examples were based on the Highland Line at Tain, and at Carlisle where the regularly worked on ex Caledonian lines. They were frequent visitors to the Cumbrian coast and the Settle & Carlisle. Although not fitted for steam heat there are records of them being used on passenger traffic, particularly at high days and holidays when every available locomotive was needed. The 2nd longest surviving G&SWR tender locomotive, the last was scrapped in 1947, just making it into British Railways days but none were taken into BR stock.
It is hoped that kits will be available to buy from early 2024 at a price in the region of £460. This will exclude wheels and motor/gears. We are looking at taking deposits of £80 very soon to secure a kit. If you are interested and want further information to pay, or wish to note an interest, ask questions but do not wish to commit, please contact us at the address below.
It is hoped that we will have further details in autumn 2023.
Please contact:- gswratreasurer@outlook.com or
S Clinton, Treasurer G&SWRA
5 Seabank Avenue
Ayrshire KA30 8EW"
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Angus McIntosh
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Re: G&SWR Austrian Goods

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I noted an article in the current issue 298 of the Model Railway Journal describing this model.
The article is headed by the same photograph as above which is by Montague Smith whose book 'Scottish Railway Album 1927-1964 is available from the Association.
The photograph is taken shunting at Broughton. Members of this class were allocated to Carstairs during the 1930's and used mainly on the Peebles branch goods.

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