New Model Wagon Range

To assist modellers plan and build a Caledonian Railway layout with the appropriate stock. A list/catalogue of supplies and components is available to members in the Association Resources section of the Forum below.
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John Duffy
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New Model Wagon Range

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At the start of the Association meeting last Saturday our Chairman was kind enough to give an update regarding a forthcoming range of private trader wagon models suitable for our needs. I had been producing small numbers of these using laser cut ply but am now working in collaboration with a friend of long standing Paul Lancaster to develop these using the latest 3D printing technologies.

To give our members an advance look I have put some photos of an early test build below. This wagon is based on the Association wagon drawing no. 44.

The first images shows what will be provided in our 7mm kits;

SWW_article03.jpeg (196.59 KiB) Viewed 359 times

Which should build very easily and quickly into this;

SWW_article01.jpeg (145.47 KiB) Viewed 359 times
SWW_article.jpeg (154.83 KiB) Viewed 359 times
These images are of test prints that have subsequently been revised.
  • Internal ironwork around the doors in now included
  • The brake lever is revised to have dog-leg around the axlebox
  • Brake fittings have been adjusted for fit
  • Builders plates and registration plates are now provided as separate prints
The range will launch with two main vehicles, this being the RY Pickering 15' 6 Plank, fixed end wagon (shown above) and the 16' 5 Plank end door wagon. These will be followed with further variations of the private trader theme, hopefully developing into a fairly comprehensive selection. Given the wide variation of body styles amongst the smaller 4 plank wagons, these are currently at the early drawing stage and will follow at a later date.

A complementary range of 4mm body/solebars/headstock only models is also planned.

We are planning on having some display models for the stand at Glasgow later this month, but to get an idea of what we are doing our website is now up and running and we are offering effectively a "Soft Launch" through the forum. You are very welcome to visit I would encourage you to sign up (it helps us test the system and gives you early access to products and well as some special offers).

CRA members will receive an automatic discount by using code SLSCRA10

Many thanks

Mike 1
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Re: New Model Wagon Range

Post by Mike 1 »

I'm surprised there has been no comment at all about this new range of model kits which are mainly Scottish and include Caledonian. I am not aware of any politcal issues with potential competitors, so a surprised at the silence.

(no connection with these or any other Scottish manufacturers)
hugh gibb
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Re: New Model Wagon Range

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I can only say that I am completely happy with the wagons I have purchased from Scottish Wagon Works and the high quality of the transfers they supply.

I hope many of our members will give them their support as it is filling a big hole in the 7mm model marketplace.

David Blevins
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Re: New Model Wagon Range

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Are we Promoting this enough !
Should it have a "Full Page" in the True Line ?
I must have missed this somewhere along the way, and how many others are not aware of these Wagons in 4mm and 7mm scale.

Worth having another think, on how we promote Caledonian Railway modelling.

David Blevins.
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