Maxwell Park

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Maxwell Park

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Hi Modellers,
As you know I design the kits for PopUp Designs laser cut kits. I am keen to design stations in Glasgow and am drawn towards Maxwell Park. (It is an interesting island station and one I used to use.) However as it is on 2 levels with the entrance on the upper level, I would be very keen on modeller's feedback as to whether that would be a kit of general interest to sufficient modellers to make the kit commercially worthwhile for PopUp.
I should appreciate any comments.
Best regards
Guy Maxwell
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Re: Maxwell Park

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I would suggest yes it would, not withstanding I use it regularly. From a modeller's point of view an island station will either be accessed from above
or underneath hence a level difference will normally have to be modelled. Personally I think it would be a great addition to your range.

Aye yours

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Re: Maxwell Park

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I saw your Maxwell Park at Model Rail last month. It looked terrific - as indeed all your models do.

I was also particularly impressed with your Glasgow tenement. As I said to you, you are the first firm to accurately capture a Glasgow tenement in model form. If you are interested in doing other examples, I have architects' drawings of a number of others which would be suitable for low relief models or similar.
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