CR419 as BR55189

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Jim Summers
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CR419 as BR55189

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Here is the first photo of 419 in her new guise of BR black. She will be black only for the next 12 months for some photo charters.
A handsome engine whatever the livery.

If you haven't been at Bo'ness for a while, it is time to pay another visit, as there are a number of changes particularly in the Museum and the new Steam Shed.

CR 419 as 55189 - April 2023 reduced  .jpg
CR 419 as 55189 - April 2023 reduced .jpg (113.77 KiB) Viewed 1564 times
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Re: CR419 as BR55189

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I am pleased to hear that the - albeit handsome - black is only temporary.
The blue engine is iconic and a great attraction at Bo’ness and further afeild.
Jim P
dumb buffer
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Re: CR419 as BR55189

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While entirely sympathising with Mr Pairman's view on this I have to say that Workaday black is how I remember these engines -- and not highly polished either. The station pilot at Platform 9 waiting with the Westinghouse chuffing away to move a Liverpool and Manchester set off to the sidings (and usually needing a bit push from the train engine to get them started). Maybe I'm too old

Allan F
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