Reprints of Company Documents

Facsimile Reproductions

The Association previously produced a range of original Company publications, which were reprinted as a resource for researchers, modellers and enthusiasts alike. We have ceased offering this service for now and are investigating producing these items digitally as a future offering.

We are currently working on making these documents available as pdf downloads which will be available to purchase though this page shortly.  Further details will be announced on the home page in due course.

Many of the timetables and operational instructions listed below refer to Sections and it may be useful to know that the Northern Section was the former lines of the Scottish Central and Scottish North Eastern Railways, absorbed by the Caledonian Railway in 1865 and 1866. The boundary line is variously given as Glenboig or Greenhill.

Document title

Chronology – A list of Lines, Connections, Amalgamations etc. This is based on a bound manuscript compiled by Andrew Brand (on behalf of the General Manager) in 1902 and listed in Ottley's Bibliography of Railways reference 17495. The complete work along with a later undated amendment has been reproduced by the Association, as a printed document.

The Caledonian Railway: Account of its Origin and Completion by George Graham, 1888.  Originally printed for private circulation, this fascimilie reproduction now makes a previously scarce publication available.
1873 Rules for the Management of the General Railway Station Perth (A5 size, 40 pages stapled)
1919 General Directions, Management of Stations and Conveyance of Merchandise Traffic (including alterations and amendments issued up to March 1926) (A5 size, 112 pages, spiral bound).
1922 Railway Councils, (booklet dealing with staff wages, conditions and discipline procedures) (A5 size, stapled).
1858 Scottish Central Rly. and Edinburgh & Glasgow Rly. Public Timetable (pocket size, stapled)
1859 Caledonian Rly. Public Timetable (44 pages, staples, pocket size)
1879 Public Timetable (100 pages complete with foldout maps, one of Scotland and one of England & Wales)
1908 Public Timetable
1921 Public Timetable
1921 Miner’s Strike Emergency Public Timetable (Single page)
1853 Working Timetable (A5 format,stapled)
1857 Working Timetable (A5 format,stapled)
1883 October, Working Timetable (Combined volume for all Sections; includes coloured pages for the Portpatrick Line)
1896 November,Working Timetable (Combined volume for all Sections)
1904 Mineral Workings Timetable
1907 Summer, Working Timetable (Combined volume for all Sections, incl. Supplementary and Special Instructions)
1913 Working Timetable (South, East & West Sections)
1915 Working Timetable (Northern Section)
1916 Working Timetable (South, East & West Sections)
1916 Working Timetable (Northern Section)
1916 Working Timetable (Both of the above Sections if bought together) Special Price
1921 Working Timetable (South, East & West Sections)
1921 Working Timetable (Northern Section)
1945 Glasgow Central Platform Arrangements (19 pages, stapled; gives arrival and departure platforms for all trains and e.c.s.)
1906 Rule Book (A5 size, Covers the 281 Rules and Appendices)
1921 Vigilance Book (51 pages, well illustrated, pocket book size giving safe working “best practices” to operating and technical staff)
1915 Appendix to the Working Timetable (combined volume of all Sections)
1913 Traffic Dept. Circular No. 5 for period ending 14/02/13 for North of Greenhill (10 stapled pages)
1917 Notice of Royal Trains, September (Instructions, notes and details for a return journey from Carlisle to Greenock, Kirklee, Holytown and Paisley. 16 p.p.)
1921 August, Special Train Arrangements Notice No.36 (26 pages, spiral bound; details include the additional summer holiday services)
1922 May, Special Train Arrangements Notice No.19 (10 stapled pages)
1921 Guards Runnings
1906 July, Local Working of Carriages (Southern, Eastern and Western Sections only. 25 pages)
1913 July, Marshalling of Trains (Compositions of main line and local passenger trains including West Coast Joint Stock marshalling and the local working of carriages. 86 pages)
1921 Marshalling of Main Line Trains
1921 Local Working of Carriages
Dumbarton & Balloch Joint Line: Minutes of Meeting between CR and NBR Companies (Record of decisions about staffing, funding and operating the Joint Line. 15 pages)
Diagrams of Locomotives (with outline drawing, overall dimensions and running numbers for each locomotive diagram. Produced by combining copies of the diagrams with re-tabulated locomotive numbers)
Diagrams of Carriages (A5 booklet)
Diagrams of Wagons, Vans, etc. (A5 booklet)
1924 LMS Carriage Diagrams Book - CR Section (Drawings showing Floor layouts. A4 landscape)
Coaching Stock Register (Computer listing of the original manuscript St. Rollox Register gives stock running numbers, build and withdrawl dates. The original St Rollox manuscript register is held in the CRA Archive.)
Telegraph Rules & Regulations (19 page pocket size booklet)
1875 General Instructions for Goods, Mineral & Livestock
1915 List of Goods Sidings, Depots, etc. (reproduction of handbook giving details of lessee,location, invoicing and forwarding)
1921 Supplement to List of Goods Sidings, Depots, etc.
Traders’ Sidings and Branches - Western Division (Not spiral bound; gives date, name, location, financial notes and comments)
“Cordex” Blue Binder for “The True Line” Journal (the original design, with 13 cords)
“Wirex” Blue Binder for “The True Line” Journal (may be more convenient for quick addition or removal of copies, with 13 wires) £5.50 plus £3.00 P&P