The True Line

TTL 162


The Humble Railway Clerk


John Young uncovers documents relating to the work undertaken and the exam process for railway clerks.

Stations of the Glasgow Central Railway 1: Introduction, and Central Low Level

John Paton gives a detailed account of the Glasgow Central Railway and Glasgow Central Low Level station with a substantial amount of photos and drawings to demonstrate this impressive development.

A Day at Oban ... and what?

John Paton & Graham Todd look at excursions from Glasgow to Oban and have some unanswered queries about Working Timetable codes.

The Caledonian Railway in the Great War 1914-1919 (1)

Grant Cullen looks at Planning for conflict and the introduction

of wartime state control, which eventually paved the way for the

Grouping in 1923.

Caledonian Railway Brakesmen: Their Lives and Their Goods Brake Vans

David Blevins uncovers photos of two brake vans with names printed on their sides and gives an insight to these personnel.

Book Review: Caledonian Railway Miscellany

A review of this fascinating book which is available through the CRA online shop.

How Long Does it Take to Close a Signalbox?

Alistair Maclean finds a raft of papers relating to the closure of Limefield Jn signalbox.

Early days at Ardler

Graham Roberts discovers a gem with regard to the complex layout

north of Newtyle.

Carstairs: Work in Progress

Angus McIntosh annotates an aerial view of Carstairs showing long closed and repurposed infrastructure while Bob Cleary took photos during the large-scale redevelopment.


In addition each issue contains Association and Membership news, an update on activity at our on-line Forum, news of developments on the remaining Caledonian network, letters and details of forthcoming meetings.