CRA3/5 - Operational Paperwork, Forms and Tickets

A major collection of Company Operational Paperwork is held on CRA’s behalf by John Young. The contents are listed in 3/5/12, 13 and 14 below. Access is by special arrangement.

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Archive Record



CRA3/5/1 Invoices (15 items) 1860-1886
CRA3/5/2 Receipts (7 items) 1885-1921
CRA3/5/3 Parcel way bills and credit notes (37 items) 1878-1910
CRA3/5/4 Consignment notes (5 items), CR, NER, LMS 1868-1931
CRA3/5/5 Wagon labels (15 items) 1870-1927
CRA3/5/6 Telegraph messages (2 items)
  • Telegraph messages (20 items) – Balloch Pier – D and B Line (June 1915)
  • Telegraph message book – Holytown Station (1882)
  • Tickets and luggage (3 items
  • Caledonian Railway Stations – Transport Ticket Society, published Jan 1982 (ISSN 0261-3395) as an aid to Ticket Collectors to identify the stations or audit
  • Caledonian Railway Tickets, Copy pages of illustrations in colour and greyscale
  • Luggage Labels Album – containing a selection of labels from different origin and destination stations, including examples of HR, LNWR, D&A, M&C, GWR, GNoSR to CR destinations.
CRA3/5/8 Letters on operational matters – lost deliveries, stock to Alloa Fair (4 items) 1875 - 1922
CRA3/5/9 Guards Journals, (39 off), Turns for 12th January 1916 St Rollox (Balornock) very fragile, arranged individually in pockets in A3 binder. 1916
CRA3/5/10 Missing Luggage, instructions to Station Masters to search their depots etc for items of luggage lost, listing date of loss, description of article, list of contents, owner. (2 items) dated 18th September and 30th October, 1888
CRA3/5/11 Caledonian Railway Parcels Overlanded Book, stationary item 3/1000, this has not been used, pp200  
CRA3/5/12 Operational Paperwork, list of items held by John Young on behalf of CRA. Access is by special arrangement.  
CRA3/5/13 Luggage Labels CR, list of items held by John Young on behalf of CRA. Access is by special arrangement.  
CRA3/5/14 Luggage Labels LMS, list of items held by John Young on behalf of CRA. Access is by special arrangement.  
CRA3/5/15 Ticket collection (300 off) mounted in a presentation album, thought to be a set of printers’ proofs. A set of digital images (per page) have been taken.  
CRA3/5/16 Rates for Bricks, Coal, Stone and Certain Merchandise in Classes A& B with certain Stations on the Caledonian Railway, ex Flemington Station 1908
CRA3/5/17 LNWR Interchange privilege Ticket Arrangements with the Caledonian Railway, ex Dudley Station 1906
CRA3/5/18 Typescript list of sand drying arrangements at LMS Northern Division sheds 1932
CRA3/5/19 Memo from Dundee to Skipton (MR) re missing hamper 1900
CRA3/5/19 Memo from Dundee to Skipton (MR) re missing hamper 1900
CRA3/5/20 Compliments slip from Registrar’s office 27 March 1903
CRA3/5/21 Collection (1 + 12) of parcels waybills, various stations. Note that most are rubber stamped with the name of the Guard 1893(1) and 1901 - 1914 (12)
CRA3/5/22 2 Carter’s loading notes Alyth 1921
CRA3/5/23 Third class weekly ticket Glasgow and Cambuslang 15 June 1918
CRA3/5/23 Blank Returns to RCH of Foreign Coaching Stock Movements on CR nd
CRA3/5/24 Blank Passenger Guards' Journals nd
CRA3/5/25 Large bundle of Parcels Delivery Notes from Lanark station 1966
CRA3/5/26 Outward half of return third class ticket Grangemouth - Falkirk 1 July 1905
CRA3/5/27 Collection of parcels waybills and other paperwork from various stations incl. Dunragit (PP&W), Edinburgh Waverley, Southport L&Y. Also parcel invoice & postcards noting arrival of parcels pre 1910
CRA3/5/28 Consignment Note Arbroath to Dundee 4 November 1890
CRA3/5/29 Memo to Grange (Furness) re Consignment note 26 October 1914
CRA3/5/30 Station Master Instruction Book – contains a variety of standing orders on charging and consigning goods. Probably the head office master 1885-94
CRA3/5/31 Inspector's Report into Gate broken at Bellside Quarry 12 November 1884
CRA3/5/32 Royal Train – Aberdeen to Carlisle: notice re dense fogs 20 November 1891
CRA3/5/33 Guard’s Notebook with entries for 1917. Probably Glasgow Central main line guard 1917
CRA3/5/34 Invoices(two) to coal Merchant at Coupar Angus 1896 and 1898
CRA3/5/35 Goods Department sundry messages (6) re consignments 1892 - 1913
CRA3/5/36 Goods Department tranship waybills (3) 1917 - 1919
CRA3/5/37 Parcels Waybills, general and newspaper (60) 1898 - 1903
CRA3/5/39  Guard’s personal Notebook maintained by Guard A. Rollo of Callander with carriage nos. and traffics carried. 1872
CRA3/5/40 Inspector's Report on why Engine 642 turned out 2 December 1884
CRA3/5/41 Wagon labels ( four items) including livestock, grain and sheets 1921-1922
CRA3/5/42 Not used  
CRA3/5/43 Collection  of  parcels  waybills  from Glasgow Central and one from Hamilton Central    1909
CRA3/5/44 Correspondence from Mineral Dept. Buchanan St. Station regarding wagon damage, transits, etc.. Five handwritten letters. 1881-2
CRA3/5/45 Wagon Supplies to Collieries. Uncompleted proforma Daily Report by Inspector on supplies to Cleland and Midcalder District 1880s

Weekly ticket Third Class Edinburgh – Barnton Week 41

CRA3/5/47 Wagon labels -Road Van from  Stirling to work Killin Jn.  Oban (LMS) ; Empty Loco Coal Stirling to   Earl Seat Colliery (CR very fragile), Perishable Fruit  from Braidwood to Manchester (LMS) Various