CRA3/6 - Accidents

Records pertaining to accidents, breakdowns and malfunctions on the Caledonian Railway. Includes official records and reports, press reports, and records of investigations.

  • Track plans of accidents are held under CRA6/3/1.
  • For the Quintinshill accident 1915 see CRA6/3/1/55 & 84.
  • For the Kirkpatrick accident 1916 see CRA6/3/1/85.

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Archive Record



CRA3/6/1 Tabulation of Accidents related to CR and its Constituents, developed from various sources including The Railways Archive .

listed as CRA3/6/1
1848 - 1922

CRA3/6/2 Calderbank Colliery near Baillieston Station, Copy of an article by W.A.C. Smith, publication not identified. 24 July 1873
CRA3/6/3 Blank, item withdrawn  
CRA3/6/4 Carlisle Citadel, LNWR Train collides with CR Engine, original report stapled into a card folder. 4 March 1890
CRA3/6/5 Lesmahagow Junction, CR 8 and CR 695, linen diagram StR drg. 9366 10 Nov 1898
CRA3/6/6 Holytown Station, CR 445 and CR 47, linen diagram StR drg. 10603 11 January 1901
CRA3/6/7 Crawford Station, CR 903, derailment following the failure of the crank axle of the locomotive, original report with illustrations. 2 April 1909
CRA3/6/8 Dumfries ex- CR 740 CR 1591 composition, linen diagram StR drg. 15453 20 July 1910
CRA3/6/9 Quintinshill, collision and fire. A typed manuscript setting out the key elements from the full report c.f. CRA3/6/12; this may have been a later transcript made as private copy. 22 May 1915
CRA3/6/10 Quintinshill, troop train from Larbert, blueprint diagram StR drg, 18015 22 May 1915
CRA3/6/11 Quintinshill, 6.5am London – Glasgow Express Train ex Carlisle, blueprint diagram StR drg. 18016 22 May 1915
CRA3/6/12 Quintinshill, collision and fire, BOT report in detail. copy 17 June 1915
CRA3/6/13 Blank, item withdrawn  
CRA3/6/14 Blank, item withdrawn  
CRA3/6/15 Blank, item withdrawn  
CRA3/6/16 Handwritten transcript of records relating to accidents in Lanarkshire and Glasgow, involving Caledonian Railway and constituent companies, extracted by David Blevins from Official BoT Reports 1878 to 1938