CRA3/9 - Staff Circulars / Notices

One sheet information bulletins issued by CR headquarters or regional headquarters to station masters and staff.

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Archive Record



CRA3/9/1 “Caution – Tried and Convicted”, Copy 16 July 1849
CRA3/9/2 Damage to Wagons by Reckless Shunting, Copy 12 September 1872
CRA3/9/3 Goods Rates with Stations in England, Copy 12 August 1873
CRA3/9/4 Damage to Wagons, Copy September 1873
CRA3/9/5 Young Men Wanted, Copy 12 November 1873
CRA3/9/6 Foreign Overcharges, Copy 22 November 1874
CRA3/9/7 Goods Rates with Stations in England, Copy 31 December 1874
CRA3/9/8 Traffic Cash, Copy 1875
CRA3/9/9 Meigle Station changing name to Alyth Junction, Copy 3 October 1876
CRA3/9/10 Montrose and Bervie, Copy 24 September 1881
CRA3/9/11 CR response to Petition from the Staff, Copy, [BR/CAL/4/18] 20 February 1883
CRA3/9/12 Match Traffic, Copy 21 May 1888
CRA3/9/13 Empty Casks- theft, Copy 1June 1892
CRA3/9/14 Locomotive Dept – Annual holidays, Copy 4 April 1913
CRA3/9/15 Classification of Certain Stations and Salaries of Stationmasters and Agents 1912
CRA3/9/16 Best Kept Stations  - Premiums for successful stations 1922