CRA5/1 - Company Staff Records

Various records generated by the Caledonian Railway Company relating to the staff. Records concern individuals and groups. Includes records relating to salary, working conditions and staff organisations. Where references are given in [ ] these relate to records held at the National Archives of Scotland.

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CRA5/1/1 Letter- Appointment of Chaplain on Dumfries line, Copy, [BR/CAL/4/74/3] 7 April 1846
CRA5/1/2 Letter- stationmaster at Holytown Station requesting more pay, Copy, [BR/CAL/4/74/52] 22 August 1848
CRA5/1/3 Pay Bill of Workmen – Perth General Railway Stn, Copy 1 November 1890
CRA5/1/4 Pay Bill of Servants – Perth General Railway Stn, Copy 8 November 1890
CRA5/1/5 Caledonian Railway Servants, Friendly Society - J. Hamilton, Elvanfoot 24 December 1900
CRA5/1/6 Dawsholm Shed Staff Book, Copy, [GD344/5/19] 1901
CRA5/1/7 Railway Guards Universal Friendly Society – 1903 W. Inglis, Glasgow Central 7 December 1905
CRA5/1/8 James Walker – Letters of Appointment, Copy 1905 - 1911
CRA5/1/9 Clerical Staff – Scale of Salaries – Exams 1914
CRA5/1/10 War Memorial – Glasgow Central – Photograph 1914-1918
CRA5/1/11 W. Crozier – Advance of Salary signed by R. Killin 12 December 1918
CRA5/1/12 Dawsholm Shed Workmen signature Book, Copy 24 March 1919
CRA5/1/13 Allan Ogilvie – Greenhill Station – Promotion Copy 1 May 1920
CRA5/1/14 W. Crozier – New Salary and War Bonus signed by R. Killin 13 July 1920
CRA5/1/15 Railway Councils – List of Grades of Staff 29 March 1921
CRA5/1/16 Balornock Staff Register, Copy, [GD344/2/38] June 1921
CRA5/1/17 Railway Councils – List of Grades of Staff 29 March 1922
CRA5/1/18 Polmadie Shed Staff Book , Copy, [GD344/2/46] May 1922
CRA5/1/19 Yoker Shed Seniority Staff List, Copy, [GD344/2/39] 1923
CRA5/1/20 Dundee to Aberdeen Staff Registers, Copy, [BR/CAL/15] 1923
CRA5/1/21 Appointment of Resident Engineers, Copy  
CRA5/1/22 Testimonials of Staff, Copy  
CRA5/1/23 Caledonian Railway Savings Bank  
CRA5/1/24 Coupar Angus – Staff List, Copy, LMS 1930
CRA5/1/25 (Caledonian) Servants Friendly Society 31 December 1939
CRA5/1/26 Rates of Pay and Conditions of Service of Railwaymen embraced in the Consolidation Scheme Grades. (Private & Confidential The Caledonian Railway Company) Case bound typed “Roneo” print, 84pp single sided with “Locomotive Department St Rollox” on adhesive label 1 July 1922
CRA5/1/27 Superannuation Fund Association of the LMS Railway Company, establishing Act in replacement of the constituent companies’ individual Funds. pp26 1924
CRA5/1/28 Letter, Caution issued to Thomas Morton Inspector at Mossend, who was to blame for Wagon 32595 being off the rails at Mossend Bank on 17th September. photocopy October 1883
CRA5/1/29 Rules of the Caledonian Railway Servants Friendly Society 1911
CRA5/1/30 LNWR Employees Privilege Ticket Movement Summer Holiday Guide. Includes details of Interchange arrangements with CR 1911
CRA5/1/31 Rules of the LMS (Caledonian) Servants Friendly Society 1936
CRA5/1/32 Booklet containing names of staff at St Rollox Wagon Shop who agreed to the levy for the ambulance section being raised from 1d to 3d p.a (361 names) 1 April 1920
CRA5/1/33 Notes re salaries of C & W dept clerical & supervisory staff 1922/1923 21 April 1923
CRA5/1/34 Caledonian Railway Servants Friendly Society. Annual Report 1912 1912
CRA5/1/34 BR Perth MPD Welfare Fund Constitution and rules n.d.
CRA5/1/35 Summary of staff wages at Perth and Aberdeen Guild St (Passenger and Goods). Copied from [BR/GNS/4/17]. Handwritten original, which would benefit from transcription. No date, but thought to be 1866/7. Also includes costing for clothing for staff at Perth n.d.. Believed 1866/67
CRA5/1/36 Time Slips (32) for Joiner Work at St Rollox 1888
CRA5/1/37 Scale of salaries for clerical staff from 1st Aug 1919 28 February 1920
CRA5/1/38 Programme for first Annual Dinner of the officers of the LMS Northern Division 28 January 1927 28 January 1927
CRA5/1/39 Order book for staff uniforms for all grades in form of supplier's account book, 1898
CRA5/1/40 Two handwritten personal letters from Sir James Thompson on Board Room notepaper 22 December 1900 and 25 March 1901
CRA5/1/41 Allowances to Wives and Families of Reservists and Territorials etc. Letter authorising payment in regard to James McKee, wagon examiner, Motherwell. 18 September 1914
CRA5/1/42 Amalgamated Society of Railway Servants – AGM in Glasgow welcome booklet October 1900
CRA5/1/43 Allowances to Wives and Families of Reservists and Territorials etc. Letter authorising payment in regard to James McKee, wagon examiner, Motherwell. 18 September 1914
CRA5/1/44 Lists of staff issued with Ballot Papers for Conciliation Boards (Missing at 26-08-15) November 1908
CRA5/1/45 Soiree and Concert March 1909 for Glasgow South Side, Goods , Mineral & Locomotive Stations Employees - Souvenir Programme and photos. March 1909
CRA5/1/46 LMS – First Annual Dinner of the Officers – souvenir programme  28 January 1927