CRA6/2 - Buildings and Structures

Buildings and Structures, including station and yard fittings/furniture, but excluding Signal Boxes (see CRA6/6 below).


Archive Record



CRA6/2/1 Building drawings and plans (356 items) Listed as CRA6/2/1
CRA6/2/2 Pen & Ink Illustration of proposed Central Low Level station for the Caledonian Railway (Parliament Session 1894) From the offices of Architects Burnet, Son and Anderson, 167 St Vincent St. Glasgow. The heavy cartridge paper is mounted on linen and rolled, but has cracked top to bottom and is difficult to lay flat. 1894
CRA6/2/3 Sketches by Stuart Rankine of buildings and infrastructure Listed as CRA6/2/3
CRA6/2/4 Blueprint of Pillar Crane, possibly for Wilsontown, LMS Northern Division  
CRA6/2/5 Blueprint of Coaling Plant by Henry Lees for LMS. Poor condition  
CRA6/2/6 Position of control gear in Carstairs coaling plant LMS  
CRA6/2/7 Automatic Filling Apparatus for Strawfrank Troughs St Rollox  
CRA6/2/8 Carmyle Station Bldg, footbridge, oil store. Reduced photocopy of original plans 1895
CRA6/2/9 A collection of drawings of buildings and structures on the Caledonian Railway between Glasgow and Carlisle mostly on tracing paper and very fragile. Believed to date from 1840 app Listed as CRA6/2/9
CRA6/2/10 St Rollox Painter's notebook with many detail drawings and letterforms. Also notes about mixing colours Started work 1909. Relates primarily to buildings. 1909
CRA6/2/11 Kirkhill - Application for ground near station.  Coloured plan showing track and railway buildings. 1924
CRA6/2/12 Dundee West - Drawing of new passenger station, showing old station layout, from Engineering magazine 1889