CRA6/4 - Bridges and Infrastructure


Archive Record



CRA6/4/1 Bridge drawings and diagrams (42 items) Listed as CRA6/4/1
CRA6/4/2 Bridges – SNER Perth to Aberdeen 91off drawings for Bridges Nos. 261 to 396. A folio of drawings 520 x 390mm stapled to a card back (front cover missing?) Mainly ¼ inch to 1ft, a few ½ inch to 1ft. Previously listed as part of CRA3/7/3/7.
CRA6/4/3 Drawings related to the proposed Seafield Dock and Harbour Railway (A proposed line from near Larbert to the Seafield Dock near Kirkcaldy – It was not eventually built) Listed as CRA6/4/3