CRA7/2 - Stations and Buildings

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CRA7/2/1 Buildings and Stations, Nick Tindall Collection: CD and negatives CRA7/1/2/1
CRA7/2/2 Signal Boxes, Nick Tindall Collection: CD and negatives CRA7/1/2/2
CRA7/2/3 Station, Yard and Lineside features, Nick Tindall: CD and negatives CRA7/1/2/3
CRA7/2/4 Lens of Sutton Collection of CR Stations, held as a reference set by arrangement with the LOS Trust, these cannot be copied but copies are available directly from LOS Trust. A copy of the LOS catalogue is held in the Archive as CRA1/8/1 CRA7/1/2/4


George Robin photographs used in The Cathcart Circle book, supplied copyright The Mitchell Library {DI} only These cannot be copied

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Stations, Accidents, Locomotives, copied from commercial postcards, plus the CR Official postcards. donated by John Alsop for use in The True Line etc. {DI} only These cannot be copied.

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Wemyss Bay Station, original and construction of the new station along with rebuilding of Upper Greenock Station, Inverkip Station and Tunnel [NAS BR/CAL/4/268, 277 & 287] : {DI} only

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Station Buildings, Harold Bowtell collection



Signal Boxes, Harold Bowtell collection



Mounted Photograph of Oban Railway Station, by J Valentine 11.5 x 7.5inch showing front of station from elevated position.



Goods Stations. A collection of 43 photographs of English Goods Stations visited by assistants from the office of the engineer in chief. There is reference to a narrative and plans, but neither of these is present.