CRA8/1 - Caledonian Railway Maps

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CRA8/1/1 Scottish Midland Extension Railway – proposed. See also CRA6/3/4 1846
CRA8/1/2 Railway Approaches to Glasgow – diagram 1850
CRA8/1/3 Stanford’s Travelling Map of Scotland 1873
CRA8/1/4 London and North Western and Caledonian Railways Map 1880
CRA8/1/5 East Monklands Railway – proposed Line from Airdrie to Greengairs and J Nimmo Collieries. Oversized item stored separately 5 December 1887
CRA8/1/6 Glasgow Central – Sewer Contract and Railways. Oversized item stored separately 1889
CRA8/1/7 Glasgow-Edinburgh – All Lines in Central Scotland including Running Powers – “Bo'ness Harbour” 1895-1896
CRA8/1/8 Carlisle No. 8 – Carlisle to Gretna and Annan to Whitrigg 1896
CRA8/1/9 Clyde District – Greenock and Balloch to Shotts and Carluke, Copy 1897
CRA8/1/10 Works at Whiteinch 1898
CRA8/1/11 Works in the Coatbridge and Airdrie District 1899
CRA8/1/12 Mid-Lanark Lines – Loco Dept., St Rollox 1 June1905
CRA8/1/13 Mossend, Motherwell and Wishaw to Morningside Railways. Oversized item stored separately 1910
CRA8/1/14 Ruchill Hospital Siding, Glasgow 16 Nov 1920
CRA8/1/15 Lawhead Branch, Wilsontown Line, LMS 1927
CRA8/1/16 Brechin Station, Copy, BR 15 November 1967
CRA8/1/17 London & North Western Railway and Caledonian Railway Maps of Scotland and England n.d.
CRA8/1/18 Caledonian Railway Panoramic Map, Copy n.d.
CRA8/1/19 CR Signal Boxes – Diagram Maps – Scotland n.d.
CRA8/1/20 No. 2 Breich 1897
CRA8/1/20 Bradshaws Railway Map Great Britain & Ireland (Reproduction) 1907
CRA8/1/21 Caledonian Railway Greenloaning Junction to Perth, in 23 sections, photographs 4”x7” bound in card covers. {DI} 1917
CRA8/1/22 Lesmahagow, Land near Public Park, Application by Dr. Harrison, tinted linen, 640X410mm, Engineer’s Office Glasgow 26 April 1920
CRA8/1/23 Railway map of UK showing Regional Boundaries, published by The Railway Executive. 1952
CRA8/1/24 Railway map of UK, published by The Railway Executive with railways of Scotland on reverse. 1958
CRA8/1/25 Caledonian Railway Session 1896: Map with individual lines coloured and folded into card cover, this is damaged and split into two parts. 1896
CRA8/1/26 Plan & Section of proposed Lines of Railway from the City of Glasgow to the towns of Paisley and Johnstone by Grainger and Miller 1830 (modern photocopy) 1830
CRA8/1/27 Folder of Area Maps of Scottish Districts (LMS)  
CRA8/1/28 Pocket size Folder of Area Maps of P-way inspection sections showing home station, no of length gangs, and no of staff controlled (LMS) nd
CRA8/1/29 Map of LMS Northern Division (Dunblane to Blair Atholl) showing PW Inspectors’ districts. Scale 4M = 1inch.  
CRA8/1/30 Ordnance Survey map 1" mile overdrawn with conduit or line of pipes No4 Strathaven Branch (showing water supply from reservoirs to stations) Believed post 1914
CRA8/1/31 Caledonian Railway Hand Sketch Map showing Original Lines, Stations, Sidings, etc (It has many additions and corrections) August 1874

Map of Edinburgh and Leith showing radii of 1.5 and 1.75 miles from National Galleries. Scale 6inches to the mile. Issued in connection with an agreement between the CR And NBR. Signed by D Deuchars and G Calthrop.

 [Missing.  Duplicate Number. To re-number to CRA8/1/35 when found]

December 1907
CRA8/1/32 Glasgow Map – c1870, predating the building of Central Station. Shows CR terminating at South Side c1870
CRA8/1/33 Large six-inch fold out street plan of Glasgow showing railway ownership in 1899. Property of Caledonian Engineer’s Office, Western Division 1899

Sketch  showing  Stations,  sidings,  and  junctions

CRA8/1/35 Map of Central Scotland and Lanarkshire delineating LMS and LNER lines, branches, collieries, etc. endorsed as 1923 1923

 Tourist map and adverts issued by the Caledonian Railway. Very frail.