CRA8/3 - Railway Clearing House Maps, Junctions Diagrams, Instructions and Publications

(RCH publications are included below rather than in CRA9)


Archive Record



CRA8/3/1 RCH Maps, Copy 1897-1903
CRA8/3/2 RCH Hand Book of Stations 1912
CRA8/3/3 RCH Running Powers and Working Arrangements, Joint Lines, Worked Lines – Scotland, Copy 1913
CRA8/3/4 RCH Official Railway Map – Edinburgh and Glasgow District Belonging to CR Superintendent of the Line, Glasgow 1915
CRA8/3/5 RCH Official Railway Map – Edinburgh and Glasgow District, Copy 1920
CRA8/3/6 RCH Scotland Map – Undermen Rates of Pay shown per region 1920
CRA8/3/7 RCH Official Handbook of Railway Stations – Hamilton West 1938
CRA8/3/8 RCH Official Railway Map – Scotland 1960
CRA8/3/9 Railway Clearing House Minutes, pp448 1878
CRA8/3/10 Railway Clearing House Minutes, pp400c. 1897
CRA8/3/11 Railway Clearing House Minutes, pp200c. 1919
CRA8/3/12 RCH official railway map, Scotland 1918
CRA8/3/13 RCH official railway map, Scotland 1920
CRA8/3/14 RCH official railway map, Paisley, Glasgow, Coatbridge 1932
CRA8/3/15 RCH Junction Diagrams book. Front cover missing.  Pre-1908
CRA8/3/16 Regulations of Railway Clearing House 1880 1880