CRA9/3 - Resource Packs and Information Folios

Notes and extracts which have been collated for educational purposes

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CRA9/3/1 Notes on the Scottish Central Railway including facsimile copies of newspapers and document, prepared by Central Regional Council Educational Archive Resources. (attached is typed notes on SCR history with particular reference to Greenloaning including known occupants of Station House.)  
CRA9/3/2 Visit to Scotland by Jules Verne in 1859, copies of (3 off) papers by Ian B. Thompson, University of Glasgow  
CRA9/3/3 Copies of newspaper cuttings related to Scottish Railways; these photocopies of an earlier folio have been spiral bound; there is no indication of a compiler. In addition to items related to CR there is coverage of Glasgow’s Subway, the Low Level Lines and the Forth and Tay Bridges. 1885 -7
.CRA9/3/4 Folio of Sketch plans by Stuart Rankine showing the location of sidings and stations throughout the CR  
CRA9/3/5 Bundle of Notebooks ex Duncan Burton, with many notes on his professional work, and many with details of locomotives and rolling stock.  
CRA9/3/6 List of PO wagon pictures in HMRS Collection. Includes list of Robbie's PO Wagons (Transfers for modellers) 1995
CRA9/3/7 List of HMRS Photographs of Midland Group (Includes Locos, Rolling stock, and Structures) 1995
CRA9/3/8 List of Railway photographs in Arbroath Museum. Includes photographs taken around Angus and Perthshire.. Approx 500 photographs from 1880 to 1970  
CRA9/3/9 Index of wagon Stock, being a list of order Nos, with numbers of wagons built, and description  
CRA9/3/10 List of research sources re R Y Pickering, Wishaw 1984
CRA9/3/11 Folder of Information and Reminiscences regarding Coalburn Station and Surrounding Area  
CRA9/3/12 Childhood Memories of High Blantyre by Andrew Lindsay 1959
CRA9/3/13 Folder of Miscellaneous notes regarding CR Carriage, Wagon & Loco liveries, compiled by Charles Underhill  
CRA9/3/14 A large folder of miscellaneous notes regarding the Caledonian Railway, many cuttings from The Railway Magazine, gathered by the editor of "The True Line" Misc
CRA9/3/15 John Young - list of bequests to the CRA; mostly ephemera  
CRA9/3/16 Notes by Comyn MacGregor re Caledonian Railway: Railways approaching Glasgow 1850; Railways in the Coatbridge District; Dundee & Perth Rly branches; Haymarket Branch; Lines to Alloa; Lesmahagow Branches; Granton Branches. December 1947
CRA9/3/17 Extract from Motherwell Chronology -- Author unknown. Handwritten notes on events in Motherwell 1860 -- 1899  
CRA9/3/18 A folio of miscellaneous information compiled by Stuart Rankine. Includes many notes and sketches of station buildings. n.d.
CRA9/3/19 Collection of filing cards with wide assortment of historical information on the CR, believed to have come from the PR Dept of BR, via the late Richard Chown Misc.
CRA9/3/20 Index of Caledonian  extracts from Railway Magazine 1897 – 1957, compiled by Jim McIntosh based on list by staff of British Transport Historical Records 1897 – 1957
CRA9/3/21 Magazine Articles - collection on DVD made by Alistair MacLean Misc
CRA9/3/22 A Forgotten Railway – the Wishaw & Coltness. A 10 page foolscap typed account issued by the LMS “for the information of the press”, by J. McClelland n.d.
CRA9/3/23 Personal notebook of A.B. MacLeod with handwritten details and pencil diagrams of Caledonian locomotives by various Superintendents. Includes table of leading dimensions  of all McIntosh classes. Basis for his published work The McIntosh Locomotives . n.d.
CRA9/3/24 Copy of The McIntosh Locomotives received with the CRA9/3/23 material and may have been MacLeod’s personal copy. 1944
CRA9/3/25 Caledonian Locomotives – Lecture notes by A.B. MacLeod to HMRS  05.11.1951
CRA9/3/26 Callander & Oban Line -  traffic and staff statistics, timetables, selection at  various dates. Compilation  by John Paton 1996 1905 - 1963
CRA9/3/27 Index of Caledonian  extracts from Railway Magazine 1897 – 1957, compiled by Jim McIntosh based on list by staff of British Transport Historical Records.  
CRA9/3/28  Pickersgill  - research into the Caledonian affairs of the period by Donald Peddie for his books on the man and his Class 956  c2015
CRA9/3/29  Research into the Caledonian infrastructure in relation to locomotive design, weights, traffic requirements etc. by Donald Peddie for his writings and talks   c2010-21
CRA9/3/30 A B MacLeod – lecture notes, biographical details, and booklet The McIntosh Locomotives  
CRA9/3/31 Glasgow Central station and hotel – material collated by Jim McIntosh for TV programme. ?2019