CRA1/6 - Reprints Of Company Documents By CRA

Reprints of documents that can be found elsewhere in the collection  These documents are available for purchase direct from the Caledonian Railway Association through the Shop pages.

Archive Record



CRA1/6/1 Working Timetable, [CRA3/1/2/1] 1853
CRA1/6/2 Timetable, Public – E & G & Scottish Central Railways, [CRA3/1/1/5] 1858
CRA1/6/3 Timetable, Public, [CRA3/1/1/6] 1859
CRA1/6/4 Telegraph Rules and Regulations, [CRA3/3/1/5] 1873
CRA1/6/5 Goods, Mineral and Live Stock Traffic – General Instructions, [CRA3/3/1/6] 1875
CRA1/6/6 Timetable, Public, [CRA3/1/1/9] 1879
CRA1/6/7 Working Timetable, [CRA3/1/2/3] 1883
CRA1/6/8 CR Origin and Completion by George Graham 1888
CRA1/6/9 Working Timetable, [CRA3/1/2/5] 1896
CRA1/6/10 Traders Sidings and Branches, [CRA3/7/2/2] 1899
CRA1/6/11 Index of Lines, Connections and Amalgamations, [CRA3/7/2/3] 1902
CRA1/6/12 Mineral Timetable, [CRA3/1/5/2] 1904
CRA1/6/13 Rule Book, [CRA3/3/1/8] 1906
CRA1/6/14 Local Working of Carriages, [CRA3/3/2/1] 1906
CRA1/6/15 Working Timetable, [CRA3/1/2/9] 1907
CRA1/6/16 Timetable, Public, [CRA3/1/1/11] 1908
CRA1/6/17 Diagrams and Numbers – Locomotives, [CRA3/4/1/11] 1912
CRA1/6/18 Marshalling of Trains, [CRA3/3/2/3] 1913
CRA1/6/19 Traffic Dept Circular No. 5, [CRA3/2/4/11] Feb-13
CRA1/6/20 Working Timetable – SE and W Sections, [CRA3/1/2/17] 1913
CRA1/6/21 Working Timetable – Appendix, [CRA3/1/4/2] 1915
CRA1/6/22 Working Timetable – North of Glenboig, [CRA3/1/2/19] 1915
CRA1/6/23 Goods Stations, Depots, Sidings, [CRA3/7/2/9] 1915
CRA1/6/24 Working Timetable – SE and W Sections, [CRA3/1/2/20] 1916
CRA1/6/25 Working Timetable – North of Glenboig, [CRA3/1/2/21] 1916
CRA1/6/26 Diagrams – Carriages, [CRA3/4/1/1] 1916
CRA1/6/27 Notice of Royal Train, [CRA3/2/2/6] Sep-17
CRA1/6/28 Diagrams – Wagons, Vans, etc., [CRA3/4/1/4] 1919
CRA1/6/29 Goods Stations, Depots – Supplement, [CRA3/7/2/13] 1921
CRA1/6/30 Timetable, Public, [CRA3/1/1/21] 1921
CRA1/6/31 Working Timetable – North of Glenboig, [CRA3/1/2/23] 1921
CRA1/6/32 Working Timetable – SE and W Sections, [CRA3/1/2/22] 1921
CRA1/6/33 Marshalling of Main Line Trains, [CRA3/3/2/12] 1921
CRA1/6/34 Local Working of Carriages, [CRA3/3/2/11] 1921
CRA1/6/35 Guards Running, [CRA3/3/2/10] 1921
CRA1/6/36 Special Train and Arrangements No. 36, [CRA3/2/1/8] Sep-21
CRA1/6/37 The “Vigilance” Booklet, [CRA3/3/1/14] 1921
CRA1/6/38 Spec Train and Arrangements No. 19, [CRA3/2/1/11] May-22
CRA1/6/39 Diagrams – Carriages – St. Rollox – LMS – Ex. CR, [CRA3/4 check] 1923
CRA1/6/40 Coaching and Non-Passenger Coaching Stock Register, [CRA3/4/1/14] 1923
CRA1/6/41 LMS Platform Arrangements – Glasgow Central, [CRA3/1/2/29] 1945
CRA1/6/42 Railway Councils (Railway Act 1921) [CRA3/3/1/21] 1921
CRA1/6/43 Management of Stations, Conveyance of Merchandise Traffic [CRA3/3/1/11] 1919
CRA1/6/44 Timetable Restricted Passenger Services, Miners’ Strike [CRA3/1/1/19]  April 1921
CRA1/6/45 CR &NBR, Dumbarton & Balloch Joint Line Minutes [CRA2/3/1/13] Oct-10
CRA1/6/46 Rules for Management of the General Station Perth [CRA3/3/1/32] 1873
CRA1/6/47 Timetable, Public CR from March 1st [CRA3/1/1/4] March 1857