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The Caledonian Railway Association publishes a wide range of books outlining historical aspects of the railway. We continue to work on a list of further publications by a range of authors. The full list of publications and details of how to purchase them are shown at our Shop pages.

Archive Record



CRA1/7/1 Modelling the Caledonian (March 2013; CRA; 20 pages A4) 2013
CRA1/7/2 Caledonian Railway Building & Structures Livery (from Newsletters 8&9 by Caledonian Consortium of Modellers, 1981; 2 pages A4,) 1981
CRA1/7/3 Caledonian Railway Livery. Jim MacIntosh (2008; CRA/ Lightmoor Press) 2008
CRA1/7/4 The Caledonian Railway’s Wemyss Bay Station, Jim MacIntosh (2009; CRA/ Friends of Wemyss Bay Station) 2009
CRA1/7/5 Caley 828, The Story of a Victorian Locomotive, Jim MacIntosh (2010; CRA/ Scottish Locomotive Preservation Trust Fund) 2010
CRA1/7/6 The Cathcart Circle, Jack Kernahan (2011; CRA/ Lightmoor Press) 2011
CRA1/7/7 The Caledonian Railway Jumbos, HJC Cornwell (2011; CRA/Lightmoor Press) 2011
CRA1/7/8 Caledonian Railway Wagons and non-passenger coaching stock, Mike Williams (2013; CRA/Lightmoor Press) 2013
CRA1/7/9 More on Caledonian Wagons, Mike Williams (2019, CRA/Lightmoor Press) 2018
CRA1/7/10 Stirling Railway Station Faye McPherson and Jim MacIntosh  
CRA1/7/11 Signalling the Caledonian. J.M. Summers  (2014 CRA/ Lightmoor Press) 2014
CRA1/7/12 Caledonian Railway Carriages Mike Williams (2015 CRA/ Lightmoor Press) 2015
CRA1/7/13 William Pickersgill and the C.R. ‘956’ Class Locomotives  Donald Peddie  (2016 CRA/ Lightmoor Press) 2016
CRA1/7/14 The Port Road  Andrew Swan  (2017 CRA/ Lightmoor Press) 2017
CRA1/7/15 Dalry Road Motive Power Depot, Edinburgh 1848-1965  Harry Knox (2018 CRA/Lightmoor Press) 2018
CRA1/7/16 The Paisley & Barrhead District Railway Jack Kernahan  (2016 CRA/Lightmoor Press) 2016
CRA1/7/17 Caledonian Railway Locomotive 419  Jim MacIntosh (2019 CRA and SRPS) 2019
CRA1/7/18 Caledonian Locomotives - The Formative Years  David Hamilton (2019 CRA/Lightmoor Press) 2019
CRA1/7/19 Caledonian Locomotives- The Classic Years Campbell Cornwell (2020 CRA/Lightmoor Press) 2020
CRA1/7/20 Operating the Caledonian Railway – Volume One  J.M. Summers  (2019 CRA/ Lightmoor Press) 2019
CRA1/7/21 Operating the Caledonian Railway – Volume Two  J.M. Summers  (2020 CRA/ Lightmoor Press) 2020
CRA1/7/22 William Pickersgill - Locomotive Engineer   Donald Peddie (2021 Caledonian Railway Association) 2021
CRA1/7/23 The Dundee & Arbroath Railway by Niall Ferguson 2023
CRA1/7/24 The Railways of Stirling by Donald Peddie 2023