CRA7/1/3 - Locomotives

Archive Record


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CRA7/1/3/1 Passenger Tender Nos. 14010 to 14365, LMS CRA7/1/3/1
CRA7/1/3/2 Passenger Tender Nos. 14430 to 14508, LMS CRA7/1/3/2
CRA7/1/3/3 4-6-0 Passenger Nos. 14600 to 14803, LMS CRA7/1/3/3
CRA7/1/3/4 Tank Loco Passenger Nos. 15000 to 15361, LMS CRA7/1/3/4
CRA7/1/3/5 Tank Engines Goods Nos. 16000 to 16955, LMS CRA7/1/3/5
CRA7/1/3/6 Tender Locomotives Goods Nos. 17000 to 17997, LMS, stored in 2 binders CRA7/1/3/6
CRA7/1/3/7 Caledonian Locomotives with British Rail Numbers, BR, stored in 2 binders CRA7/1/3/7
CRA7/1/3/8 4-6-0 Tender Locomotives CRA7/1/3/8
CRA7/1/3/9 4-4-0 Vol. 1, Pre-McIntosh CRA7/1/3/9
CRA7/1/3/10 4-4-0 Vol. 2, McIntosh and Pickersgill, stored in 2 binders CRA7/1/3/10
CRA7/1/3/11 0-4-2 Tender Locomotives CRA7/1/3/11
CRA7/1/3/12 0-6-0, 2-6-0, 0-8-0, 2-8-0 Tender Locomotives CRA7/1/3/12
CRA7/1/3/13 Tank Engines – Goods and Mineral CRA7/1/3/13
CRA7/1/3/14 Single Wheel Driver Locomotives CRA7/1/3/14
CRA7/1/3/15 Passenger Tank Engines CRA7/1/3/15
CRA7/1/3/16 2-4-0 Tender Locomotives CRA7/1/3/16
CRA7/1/3/17 Railway accidents and Breakdown Cranes  
CRA7/1/3/18 Locomotives as at 1897, also on CD, these are large photographs 14 x 8 ½ inch mounted back to back on boards without margin; one image on each item has been defaced with a line drawn across it. In two bundles each wrapped in archive sleeves  
CRA7/1/3/19 Locomotive Official Portraits, mounted photographs, photographs and plates larger than A4 in size @@@(oversized photographs and prints listed in other Catalogue categories are stored in this album, as the best means of conservation.)  
CRA7/1/3/20 Glass Lantern Slides, including of Elliot Junction Disaster – 1906 and 8 and locomotive portraits, also as {DI} Wrapped individually and packed in an appropriate sized archive box.  
CRA7/1/3/21 ‘Photo Bits’ mounted album with notes Locomotives – TR Perkins, Romford dated 1895 (only one CR image but the album had previously been owned by A B MacLeod)  
CRA7/1/3/22 Album of locomotives from 1923 (ex enthusiast, origin unknown. Small prints, mounted 2 or3 on stamp album pages in loose leave binder, by class aith build and extinct dates)  
CRA7/1/3/23 Official photographs, these are referenced by SRX or BTC as per the NRM collection, photographs larger than A4 are filed in CRA7/1/3/19  
CRA7/1/3/24 Photographs by Sir C M Barclay-Harvey {DI} only  
CRA7/1/3/25 Lens of Sutton Collection of CR locomotives in all liveries, held as a reference set by arrangement with the LOS Trust, these cannot be copied but copies are available directly from LOS Trust.  
CRA7/1/3/26 Fred Plant’s negative collection CRA7/1/3/26
CRA7/1/3/27 Heritage Rolling Stock in preservation (CR123 while still in BR ownership is filed in CRA7/1/3/14)  
CRA7/1/3/28 A.W. Croughton’s photographs, original 3½ x 2½ prints.