Operating the Caledonian Railway - Volume One

Published by the Caledonian Railway Association and Lightmoor Press, this book looks at Working Lives, Operating Essentials and Special Traffics, with other aspects to be covered in Volume Two.

Engineers provided equipment and accountants provided the money, but it was the traffic men who put everything together and made a railway run coherently. Their art lay in understanding and exploiting the capacity of their railway, mastering fluctuations in traffic, deploying resources, co-ordinating staff, and facing passengers and freight customers. 'Operating' the railway was – and remains – a far-reaching and complex task. What were the correct dimensions of a train? How was the timetable compiled? Who or what was a ‘leader’? Who planned the troop train in the Quintinshill accident?

With half a century of experience in the railway industry, the author sets out to explain how things were done on the Caledonian Railway, and how its methods compared with others. For students wishing to understand how railways really functioned, the two volumes in this series will provide a different insight by fleshing out theory with real-life, down-to-earth practice on a major railway.

The book comprises 168 pages of text and illustrations, 275 mm. by 215 mm., printed on gloss art paper with colour laminated card covers and is lavishly illustrated with some 160 photographs and reproductions of documents.

The book is available by Mail Order, from the CRA Stand at Exhibitions and at the Glasgow meetings and by direct purchase from the website.

Preparation of Volume two is well advanced and will include Planning , Control, Traffic Working, Infrastructure, Accidents, Impact of War, with publication planned for 2020.

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