CRA6/5/1 - Caledonian Railway Permanent Way Drawings

Former References are indicated in the form of {CAL/PW/xxx}. Those drawings with digital images written to CD (CRA6/8) with filenames based on their former references are indicated in the following listing by {DI}.  Drawings are stored rolled in batches. Bold and underlined numbers indicate where a roll starts and stops.

Archive Record



Drawing No.


CRA6/5/1/1 Standard Standard Permanent Way, Sleeper Spacing for 60ft Rail, Divisional Engineer’s Office, Glasgow, linen (80x32cm) {CAL/PW/1} {DI} 13844 n/d
CRA6/5/1/2 Standard CR Permanent Way, Fish Plate for 90lb Rail, elevation & section, full size, line, (85x40cm) {CAL/PW/2} 13876 n/d
CRA6/5/1/3 Standard CR Permanent Way, Fish Plate for 80lb Rail, elevation & section, full size, linen (85x40cm) {CAL/PW/3} {DI} 22 n/d
CRA6/5/1/4 Standard Standard Crossover Road with 1 in 10 crossing, LMS Northern Division, Central District, scale ½in =1ft, linen (273x40cm) {CAL/PW/4} 726 n/d
CRA6/5/1/5 Standard Sleepers Spacing, Diagram setting out three arrangements for 48 and 60ft rails, Engineers Office, Glasgow, linen (36x40cm) {CAL/PW/5} {DI}   n/d
CRA6/5/1/6 Standard Standard Permanent Way,  Sleeper Spacing for 45ft 0in Rails, Divisional Engineer’s Office, Glasgow, scale ⅜in =1ft, linen (57x20cm)  {CAL/PW/6}   n/d
CRA6/5/1/7 Standard CR Western Division Single Surface Rail Buffer Stop, linen (88x61cm) Written across drawing “Superseded see new drawing” {CAL/PW/7} 451 n/d
CRA6/5/1/8 Standard Rail Buffer Stop, Types A & B, BR Chief Civil Engineers Office, Permanent Way Section, scale 1in= 1ft, linen (105x50cm) {CAL/PW/8} SC/62/113/PA Updated 15.9.77
CRA6/5/1/9 Standard CR Permanent Way Standard Buffer. Plans & Elevations of Three types:- Buffer Stop at end of Platform; Ordinary Buffer; Surface Rail Buffer, Engineers Office, Buchanan St. Station, Glasgow, paper copy (122x50cm) Is this the source for C Underhill drawings in HMRSJ? {CAL/PW/9}    
CRA6/5/1/10 Hamilton & Ferniegair Buffer & Carriage Bank. Hamilton & Ferniegair Branch {CAL/STD/14} 3844 1871
CRA6/5/1/11 Port Glasgow to Upper Greenock Embankments & Cuttings, cross sections, Port Glasgow to Upper Greenock {CAL/STD/17}    
CRA6/5/1/12 Standard Comparison Drawing of 80lb Caledonian with 80lb Solway Junction Bull Head Rail { CRA3/7/2/23}    
CRA6/5/1/13 Standard Diagram of Automatic Filling Apparatus for Water Troughs, LMS St. Rollox 23970 1927
CRA6/5/1/14 Standard CR Standard Structure and Loading Gauges, Paper Copy, 61.5 x 50.2 cm   1915