TTL 146

TTL Contents: 

A Short-lived BR Service Linking Forfar with London

Bob Drummond uncovers information about a short-live through service from the Angus town to London

The Story of a Gleneagles poster

Michael Dunn tells the story of another much travelled sheet of paper

The Invisible Engine Sheds of Greenock

Jim Lindsay uncovers information about Greenock’s early engine sheds

Modelling Arbroath

Ken Morris

Class 314 Electric Multiple Units: Photo Spotlight

A look at the class of EMUs introduced fir the reopening of the Glasgow Central Railway which are now being withdrawn from service after 40 years

Newton Accident

Alistair Maclean considers the report on the enquiry into the head-on collision on the then single line connection West of Newton Station

Wagon Number Plates

Mike Williams

Green Signal for the TrAcS Project

David Freguson

8-Coupled Engine Operation in Scotland

Donald Peddie looks at the operation of the 8-coupled engines in Scotland from 1900 until the 1923 grouping