TTL 158

TTL Contents: 

A Walk in Leith – and some reflections thereafter    

Jim Summers recounts the walk in the Leith area in July 2022 and gives a background as to the workings of the lines.

Meigle & Newtyle : A Complexity of Junctions

Alasdair Lauder and Graham Roberts unravel some of the complexities of these junctions.

St Fillans Sheep Disaster David Ferguson uncovers an occasion when a train accident resulted in animal carnage.
Life in a Caledonian Signalbox A signalman seeks a pay rise in poetic manner.
Visits to the Crieff to Perth Line

Stuart Rankin gives an illustrated account of this line some years after passenger closure.

Inside a Locomotive Nursery and Infirmary - Railway Engines as Hospital Patients   

A look at St. Rollox workshops from ‘The New Penny Magazine’

A Conner Class 76 in Cairo                                                  

Illustrations of a model of a Conner-designed single at Cairo railway museum.

A Solution for Making a Water Crane Hose for Mike’s Models CR kit  

Walter Simms relates how he created the hose.

Locke & Errington Station Building Kit                            

Iain Ross reviews this self-build kit.
Navigation of the Tay - Railway Draw   

David Ferguson uncovers a dispute between the owner of a vessel and the Caledonian Railway.

Twin Termini: Kilbirnie & Barnton                                   

John Paton looks in detail at two similar stations on opposite sides of the central belt.

The Caledonian Railway’s Loch Earn Circular Tour       

David Ferguson recounts ambitious day tours in the 1870’s involving rail and horse-drawn transport.

In addition each issue contains Association and Membership news, an update on activity at our on-line Forum, news of developments on the remaining Caledonian network, letters and details of forthcoming meetings.