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The author, Michael Dunn, has spent the last ten years researching material for this book and amassing a large number of photographs and information to illustrate all aspects of the Caledonian Railway.  The book takes the reader beyond the well-known photographs of the Caley’s engines and trains into less familiar corners, conveying some impression of the lives of those who worked for this major transport undertaking.

Of all of the old railway companies which once existed in Britain, the Caledonian was without doubt on of the most charismatic. It is a century now since it ceased to exist but its name is still spoken with affection. Like all industrial concerns of the time, working conditions could be harsh, with long hours and often low pay. Its staff did not view it through rose-tinted glasses but even so it engendered a fierce loyalty and is remembered today for its elegant locomotives, comfortable long distance trains, fine stations and the breath-taking scenery through which it passed. In truth, the Company made much of its money by transporting vast tonnages of goods and materials, and millions of commuters so the romantic scenery had to be contrasted with much industrial grime.

Nevertheless, in everything it undertook, the Caledonian conducted its operations with an innate style and panache. Ten years in the making and containing nearly 400 images, the aim of this book is to take the reader beyond the familiar photographs of the Caley's engines and trains into darker, more obscure corners, and convey some impression of what life was like for those employed by this major transport undertaking.

Hardback, 320 pages with 390 photographs, and printed on quality art paper, this book is published by Michael Dunn in conjunction with Kidderminster Railway Museum.

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Caledonian Railway Miscellany



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