TTL 162

TTL Contents: 

The Humble Railway Clerk
John Young uncovers documents relating to the work undertaken and the exam process for railway clerks. 
Stations of the Glasgow Central Railway 1: Introduction, and Central Low Level  John Paton gives a detailed account of Glasgow Central Railway and Glasgow Central Low Level station with a substantial amount of photos and drawings to demonstrate this impressive development.
The Caledonian Railway in the Great War 1914-1919      

Grant Cullen looks at Planning for conflict and the introduction of wartime state control, which eventually paved the way for the Grouping in 1923.   

A Day at Oban ... and what? John Paton & Graham Todd look at excursions from Glasgow to Oban and have some unanswered queries about Working Timetable codes.
Caledonian Railway Brakesmen: Their Lives and Their Goods Brake Vans David Blevins uncovers photos of two brake vans with names printed on the sides and gives an insight to these personnel.
Book Review: Caledonian Railway Miscellany A review of this fascinating book which is available through the CRA online shop.
How Long Does it Take to Close a Signalbox? Alistair Maclean finds a raft of papers relating to the closure of Limefield Junction signalbox.
Early days at Ardler

Graham Roberts discovers a gem with regard to the complex layout north of Newtyle.

Carstairs: Work in Progress Angus McIntosh annotates an aerial view of Carstairs showing long closed and repurposed infrastructure while Bob Cleary took photos during the large-scale redevelopment.

In addition each issue contains Association and Membership news, an update on activity at our on-line Forum, news of developments on the remaining Caledonian network, letters and details of forthcoming meetings.