Issue 134

TTL Contents: 

Diagram 79 Model Peter Bunce describes building a wagon model and how to give them 'loads".
Modelling a Caledonian 2-8-0 Ross Burns describes how he built a model of a GCR designed locomotive a number of which saw service with the Caledonian Railway for a time.
Accidents at Dundee A number of snippets from the local press submitted by Alistair Nisbet
The Callander & Oban Route: The Early Years Motive Power Comparative Performance.  Continuing his series of articles on C&O motive power, Donald Peddie details some opertational and performance matters related to the ealrier locomotives used on the route and specifically touches on the rebuilding of the 670 and 179 classes, prior to considering post 1900 new consctuction by J F McIntosh.
The Connel Ferry Bridge, Ballachulish Branch and the C&O Arnold Tortorella has uncovered reports in relation to road traffic durnig WW2 on the Bridge, proposals to close the Ballachulish Branch and the C&O in LMS days.
Station Spotlight: Blantyre John Paton discusses this distinctive station and its particularly ornate design.
New Goods Depot, Glasgow From 'The Railway Engineer', April 1908.
Caledonain East Coast Joint Stock Roger Pidgeon looks at ECJS vehicles which may have passed to the Caledonian Railway.
A View from the Photo Archive Donated locomotive images portraying staffhave given Donald Peddie the opportunity to outline the employees' careers.
Langside & Newlands Photos by Ian Walter with text from Jack Kernahan.
Gollanfield Collission Revisited Donald Peddie looks further afield at this accident with the aid of photos from Albert Greig
The North British (Lanarkshire Lines) Extension Neil Coats has uncovered items from the Hamilton Advertiser of 28th February 1891 and 7th March 1891 which could have resulted in a serious impact on the Caledonian's heartland in the Lanarkshire coalfield.
Wemyss Bay Station Redevelopment Compiled from an article in 'Railstaff UK' with additional information and photographs from Dugald Cameron and Friends of Wemyss Bay Station.

In addition each issue contains Association and Membership news, an update on activity at our on-line Forum, news of developments on the remaining Caledonian network, letters, book reviews  and details of forthcoming meetings.

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